How to use our King Spa & Sauna Key

King Spa & Sauna keys are designed to be used a locker key as well as a credit card. All extra services that are received after admission will be saved on this key for payment at check out.

  1. After paying an admission fee, you will be given a locker key and uniform.
    Our spa rooms are separated by gender, but the rest of the nine sauna rooms are unisex because you will be wearing clothes.
    You must use the spa before going to the nine sauna rooms.
  2. Upon entering the spa locker room, use your key for both your shoe locker and clothes locker. Leave your clothes and uniform in the locker.
  3. Enter the spa, keeping your key around your wrist.
    You must shower before using the spa pools.
    Suggestion : Use the warm bath for approximately 10 minutes, and then use the cold bath for about 5 minutes. Next, use the fog sauna for approximately 10 minutes, and then again use the cold bath for 5 minutes to relax your body.
    When finished put on the uniform you were given and you may go out and enjoy the rest of the sauna facility.
  4. Upon finishing the saunas, return to the locker room to take a shower.
    You may leave any used uniforms or towels in the laundry basket and change back into your own clothes. Please go to the front desk to return your locker key and pay for any services rendered like a foot or body acupressure, food or body scrubs.

Additional Information

  1. Please, Take a shower with soap before using any of the baths (pools).
  2. When using the sauna rooms, usage time limit will be 20 minutes for each time you go in.
  3. No outside foods
  4. We also offer foot and body acupressure, restaurant, movie theatre and FREE Wi-Fi.
  5. There is no set sequential order for using the spas and saunas.
    However, after meals, it is recommended that you start off with a light sauna including the Pyramid room, Salt Room, Oxygen Room, Yellow-Soil Crystal Room. Then you may use the hotter saunas like the Base Rock Bath Room, Fire Sudatorium and Bulgama.
    There are other rooms available in the facility like the ice room, and foot and body acupressure.
  6. We charge $2 for every extra hour after the 24 hour period included in your admission, so please check the time you come in.
  7. Once you pay the admission fee and check in, you are not allowed to go out and come back in.
  8. Customers under the age of 18 cannot enter without a legal guardian.
  9. Customers under age of 14 must be accompanied by a same gender guardian.
  10. No flip flop allowed inside (Socks is allowed)

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