1. What is the price of admission?

    General admission fee is $45 per person (Under 12 : $20 / Under 2 : Free). There is no reservation system for general admission or any massage treatments. Children under the age of 10 are not permitted under any circumstances. An adult of the same gender must accompany minors under the age of 18. An adult of the same gender must accompany anyone over the age of 75 years of age.

  2. What are your hours?

    We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including all holidays.

  3. Can I get a tour of your facility?

    We do not offer a physical tour but please visit our Facebook for more information.

  4. How long can I stay at King Spa?

    Admission is for a 24-hour stay but we do charge a $10 overnight fee for customers staying over 2am and customers checking in between 2am-4am. After 24 hours guests will be charged another entrance fee. Please note there is no reentry once you have checked in.

  5. Do I need a reservation?

    No reservations are required it is a first come first serve basis.

  6. What is the shoe and footwear policy?

    King Spa is a barefoot facility. Sandals and slippers are prohibited as well. You may wear clean socks.

  7. What is the dress policy?

    King Spa provides loungewear for our guests. We have sizes M-3XL. Inside the wet spa area is a all nude policy. Swimsuits are prohibited.

  8. What is your policy on alcohol and smoking?

    We are a smoke-free and alcohol-free facility. Drinking or smoking inside the facility will result in immediate ejection from our facility. Drinking prior to entry is prohibited as well.

  9. Can I bring my own food or beverages?

    No outside food or beverages is allowed under any circumstances.

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