Cleanse Refresh Purify
To cleanse and Purify the body of toxins released in sauna treatments, King Spa has large public rooms for men and women to relax and soak. Each room features specially prepared soothing spa tubs and whirlpools containing natural herbs such as Jasmine. These pools soothe the body, while refreshing the skin following the detoxifying sauna treatment. The herbs also have an additional aromatic calming effect. King Spa’s whirlpools and spa tubs for your preferences, ranging form hot, warm, to ice cold.

Base Rock Room is our facility patented by Mr. Ono which is exclusive only to Japan, Chicago, and Dallas, not even available to South Korea.

The ground is made of stones good for walking on and relieving the stress that has built up. However, the main attraction is the Mineral stone imported from Japan called Siraka, that is said to have amazing healing abilities. This stone slab bed is surrounded by amethyst crystal and wormwood coal.

The thought of lying on a bed made of stone sounds like something people with achy muscles should stay away from, but when you lie down on this hot stone slab you’ll feel yourself start to melt. It releases muscular tension, increases your blood circulation and aids lymph secretions.

It is amazing how lose you feel after a twenty minute session. Every bit of stress from your body has been dissolved and the only thought you’ll have is the pleasure of your next visit.

Fire Sudatorium

The unique architectural shape intensifies the heat within the room. The sudatorium is made from rocks as described as living. The intense heat causes the body to secrete toxins and body waste so as to deeply purify the body. Aroma therapy is also used within the sudatorium.

Pyramid Room

The power of the pyramid has been discussed for thousands of years. According to history, the ancient Egyptians used the pyramid to channel energy to help prevent decay and purify the mind, body and soul. King has created a unique sauna that utilizes the channeling energy of the pyramid shape combined with gold, heat and other natural elements that according to users provide the ultimate in relaxation and healing energy. According the great alchemist, Paracelsus, exposure to gold fortifies and purifies the body and cleanses impurities.

Salt Room

This room is made of 350 million year old natural salt base rocks. Salt is a natural preservative and the heat and humidity from the sauna allows for the skin to be exposed the healing properties of the salt. These salt rocks contain minerals such as Natrium(Sodium), Calcium, Iron, and Zinc.

Bul Ga Ma

Contains amethysts crystals, and a unique living stone called elvan. This room is very hot to maximize the healing benefits of infrared rays.

Far Infrared Room

Far infrared technology is beneficial for many conditions including soft tissue injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, skin conditions and weak circulation.

Pine Salt Room

Pine salt refers to the salt collected from a pine tree. The salt can prevent aging eliminate toxins in the blood and purify the skin.

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