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Base Rock Room ($5 : There is an extra fee to enter the Base Rock Room.)

Base Rock Bath is our facility patented by Mr. Ono which is exclusive only to Japan, Chicago, and Dallas, not even available to South Korea.

The ground is made of stones good for walking on and relieving the stress that has built up. However, the main attraction is the Mineral stone imported from Japan called Siraka, that is said to have amazing healing abilities. This stone slab bed is surrounded by amethyst crystal and wormwood coal.

The thought of lying on a bed made of stone sounds like something people with achy muscles should stay away from, but when you lie down on this hot stone slab you’ll feel yourself start to melt. It releases muscular tension, increases your blood circulation and aids lymph secretions.

It is amazing how lose you feel after a twenty minute session. Every bit of stress from your body has been dissolved and the only thought you’ll have is the pleasure of your next visit.

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